We’d love to hear from you! If you have a question, you can ask any of our officers at practice or contact us electronically.


PositionNameEmail AddressContact About
Co-PresidentRachel Hendrian[email protected]Conference(s), Schedule, University Info, Practice, General Queries
Co-PresidentSanil Mittal[email protected]Conference(s), Schedule, University Info, Practice, General Queries
SecretaryKeith Haw[email protected]Membership, Competition Results, Rosters
TreasurerMaggie Koberstein[email protected]Dues, Equipment Orders
Coordination OfficerJonathan Wang[email protected]Organizing Events, Fundraisers
Brand OfficerPetra Mihalko[email protected]Apparel, Branding
Communications OfficerNate White[email protected]Social Media, Photos/Videos, Mentorship, Alumni Events & Inquiries


SquadNameEmail Address
Men’s EpeeIan Chu[email protected]
Men’s FoilKeith Haw[email protected]
Men’s SaberJonathan Wang[email protected]
Women’s EpeeVivian Fernandez[email protected]
Women’s FoilRachel Hendrian[email protected]
Women’s SaberMaggie Koberstein[email protected]

Other Positions

PositionNameEmail AddressContact About
WebmasterPetra Mihalko[email protected]Website
WebmasterPeter Murray[email protected]Website