The University of Michigan Fencing Club is excited about the upcoming season. We are not only eager to defend our title as the USACFC national champions, but we want everyone on campus to have the opportunity to join our club, learn how to fence, and take fencing with them for the rest of their lives.

One of our top priorities is investing in the future to create a growing and sustainable organization. With your help we can continue to compete at the highest level while offering the beginning of a lifelong experience for UofM students.

Your donations will go directly to the investment of the club. Through this link, it will be automatically put into a “gift account” that we will access to invest in new club equipment. This will allow our club to grow effectively as we reach out to the student body and train for upcoming tournaments.

In addition, your contribution is tax deductible. After following instructions through this link, the University of Michigan will send you the correct tax information through mail.

Thank you for your continuing support of the University of Michigan Fencing Club.

Go Blue!

—Fencing Officers