2017-2018 Season Results

USACFC College Fencing National Championships in Knoxville, TN

Team Results

Team Overall: 🥈

Men's Overall: 🥈

Women's Overall: 🥈

Men's Epee4thWomen's Epee7th
Men's Foil7thWomen's Foil🥇
Men's Saber🥇Women's Saber12th

See the combined team results, men’s team results, women’s team results, and the squad bracket results for more details.

Individual Results

Midwest Fencing Conference Championships at Ohio State University

Full results available on Google Drive.

Team Results

Team Overall: 🥈 & Schiller Award

Men's Overall: 🥈 & Schiller Award

Women's Overall: 🥉 & Schiller Award

Men's Epee🥉 & Schiller AwardWomen's Epee4th & Schiller Award
Men's Foil4thWomen's Foil4th & Schiller Award
Men's Saber🥈 & Schiller AwardWomen's Saber4th & Schiller Award

Individual Results

  • Men’s Saber: David Cichocki, 8th & Schiller award; Joshua Cooper, 12th
  • Women’s Epee: Phoenix Williams: Schiller award
  • Women’s Foil: Alinah Purdy-Sachs: Schiller award

DeCicco Duals at Notre Dame

Full scoresheets available from Google Drive.

Men's Team (7-1)

Women's Team (6-2)

Michigan: 21Indiana: 6Michigan: 19Indiana: 8
Michigan: 15Chicago: 12Michigan: 17Chicago: 10
Michigan: 18Clemson: 9Michigan: 23Clemson: 4
Michigan: 16Purdue: 11Michigan: 20Purdue: 7
Michigan: 24Florida: 3Michigan: 16Florida: 11
Michigan: 3Notre Dame: 24Michigan: 5Notre Dame: 22
Michigan: 18Northwestern: 9Michigan: 5Northwestern: 22
Michigan: 15McKendree: 12Michigan: 24McKendree: 3

Cleveland State University Duals

Men's Team (6-0)

Women's Team (6-0)

Michigan: 21Cleveland State: 6Michigan: 22Cleveland State: 5
Michigan: 21Case Western: 6Michigan: 22Case Western: 5
Michigan: 22Detroit Mercy: 5Michigan: 26Detroit Mercy: 1
Michigan: 18Michigan State: 7Michigan: 19Michigan State: 8
Michigan: 27Indiana: 0Michigan: 26Indiana: 1
Michigan: 25Denison: 2Michigan: 24Denison: 3

University of Detroit Mercy Invitational

Men's Team (4-0)

Women's Team (3-1)

Michigan: 18Wayne State: 9Michigan: 10Wayne State: 17
Michigan: 27Oakland: 0Michigan: 24Oakland: 3
Michigan: 18Detroit Mercy: 9Michigan: 24Detroit Mercy: 3
Michigan: 24Michigan State: 3Michigan: 20Michigan State: 7

Case Western Reserve University Duals

Men's Team (5-0)

Women's Team (5-0)

Michigan: 21Toledo: 6Michigan: 27Toledo: 0
Michigan: 22Case Western: 5Michigan: 24Case Western: 3
Michigan: 24Xavier: 3Michigan: 25Xavier: 2
Michigan: 20Michigan State: 7Michigan: 20Michigan State: 7
Michigan: 20Oberlin: 7Michigan: 15Oberlin: 12

University of Michigan Homecoming Senior Open

Full results available on AskFRED.

Mixed Epee

  • 🥇 Margherita Guzzi Vincenti (ATABA FC)
  • 🥈 Hank Kisthardt (WSU)
  • 🥉 Mitchell Schrank (UMFC)
  • 🥉 Max Perraut (UMFC)
  • 5th David Brang (UMFC)
  • 10th Ethan Madison (UMFC)
  • 13th David Jin (UMFC)
  • 17th Ryan MacAloon (UMFC)
  • 18th Gloria Choi (UMFC)
  • 19th Ben Blankenship (UMFC)
  • 23rd Ameya Gadkari (UMFC)
  • 24th Rebecca Martin (UMFC)
  • 25th Amith Vadlamudi (UMFC)
  • 27th Roland Kwok (UMFC)
  • 31st Elizabeth John (UMFC)
  • 33rd Andrew Magnotte (UMFC)

Mixed Foil

  • 🥇 Michael Soukar (UMFC)
  • 🥈 Noah Gale (UMFC)
  • 🥉 Benjamin Wu (TWORAVENS)
  • 🥉 Mycah Slade
  • 5th Alan Hedrick (UMFC)
  • 6th Mike Yee (UMFC)
  • 9th George Kuhn (UMFC)
  • 10th Elvan Ziyalan (UMFC)
  • 14th Jasmine An (UMFC)
  • 17th Steven Jecmen (UMFC)
  • 19th Yimeng Zhao (UMFC)
  • 20th Aaron Renberg (UMFC)
  • 21th Andrew Keene (UMFC)

Mixed Saber

  • 🥇 Zachary Zipper (UMFC)
  • 🥈 Michael Zipper (MANHATTAN)
  • 🥉 Ali Elrayes (AADS)
  • 🥉 Michael Karpinksi
  • 5th Joshua Cooper (UMFC)

Ohio State University Duals

Team Results

Men's Team (4-1)

Women's Team (4-1)

Michigan: 20Indiana: 7Michigan: 21Indiana: 6
Michigan: 6Ohio State: 21Michigan: 4Ohio State: 23
Michigan: 21Illinois: 6Michigan: 25Illinois: 2
Michigan: 26Oberlin: 1Michigan: 18Oberlin: 9
Michigan: 22Denison: 5Michigan: 22Denison: 5

Individual Results

  • Men’s Epee: Ethan Madison, 8th
  • Men’s Saber: David Cichocki, 6th
  • Women’s Epee: Rebecca Martin, 8th
  • Women’s Foil: Alinah Purdy-Sachs, 6th; Yimeng Zhao, 7th 4